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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Indian Men & African American Women


Hello all!

My name is DeeDee, I'm 22 yrs old & dating an East Indian man for 2yrs. I was online 2 weeks ago looking for a Black woman who is in a relationship with an Indian man like myself. It’s very hard to find Black women who are involved in relationships with Indian men. My title/thread I wrote 2 weeks ago was (AFRICAN AMERICAN & EAST INDIAN) & no one responded? That’s weird. Any black females dating Indian men out there besides me? If so Please email me of write me on here, this is my first online chatting experience.
Response: I’m dating an Indian man who was born in the U.S. he has no clue to the Hindu religion, or anything totally close to it. He understands who he is as a man, and he know that his background is Indian. Are relationship is amazing he is understanding, and try's to understand me are love for each other is unbreakable. Many people say that Indian men don't find African American women attractive, etc but they are all different. Everyone has their own outlook on life, and have a certain life to live.


  1. I am African American and I was raised with/by many types of people. I particularly familiar with the East Indian way of life (in general) as a result of my mother's Hindu involvement. I have seen a good number of Indian women with men of African descent but never, in person, have I seen of an Indian man with a woman of African descent. You and the ONE couple on YouTube are the only couple of yet to hear or read about. It is a shock to me. I've asked a group of Indian youth (who live in India) what's up with that? And the consensus was that women of African descent were not physically attractive; that is, woman who have the distinct West & East African features vs. those who look more Northern/Middle Eastern. I'm attracted to most men, but I've come to feel that I should consider/question whether or not most/what men are attracted to African featured women.

  2. Here's a simple Fact!

    Don't ask or believe in anything Online. Most of the time it's filled scummy trolls especially White trolls! These are nothing but many times agent who thinks that by spamming their way online they would get to control what goes in the real world. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    If you are interested in any Indian men and find similar interest in him, just ask. Yes, Indian men just like Asian men many times very interest in African looks and personality. We really do appreciate your struggle as Men of color. Thanx.

  3. There is a group on facebook called, "Blindian & Other Asian Interracial Love" Tons of blindian couples, and beautiful blindi babies. Here is the link to the group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/173838722716685/

  4. This gives me hope. I am very attracted to Indian men and I only know of one woman who is Black who is married to an Indian man.

  5. hahaha Im in a relationship with an Indian guy but he is Punjabi!! And its a lie when people say Indian men don't find black women attractive!! Ive had many Indian guys talk to me and want to date me. And my current bf is the third!! Indian guy I have dated. But this one is serious!!
    Ignore whatever you have heard its all lies.Just they are afraid to let the truth be heard.
    With that being said my BF is Indian and born and raised in India itself.He is Hindu but he is not so serious about the religion.
    We both speak Hindi and I learned that a long time ago.
    So no problems.
    But ignore what you have heard.
    Nothing is true when it they say Indian men dont like black women lol!!

  6. I am interested in indian men. I haven't found the right one yet because the ones that want to get with me are after me for a US citizenship or are married. Someday I hope the right one comes along. It is hard to find a good guy because the perception of African American women is a little distorted in some parts of India. Some are attracted to me but just want to use me for sex. There are also some good guys that I have met and have become good friends. So I am not giving up.

  7. Two years is a long time. Has your man asked you to marry him yet?